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When I was a baby my relationship with food was nothing short of confrontational. I was always underweight. I ate few things and considered the meals a boring stoppage of play. Just to make me eat, every day at lunch, my mother organized a picnic: took me, crockery and dishes at the public park near my house, and while I was distracted to play, with patience, she made me eat bite after bite. In the meanwhile my father started a new job, that took us around Europe for six months a year. It was my turning point where I simply started to feel hungry. The major need of learn to eat everywhere and everything, it was soon transformed into an insatiable appetite, a physical and psychological need to travel, discover, understand, enjoy and experiment everywhere and everything: around the world, in life and in kitchen. 

Hence the idea to combine my passions – food, travel and photography – and create a “glocal” middle way between local place and global world, with the aim to share experiences and recipes coming from trips already done and from those that I will do. Travel stories, tastes, smells and customs of the world mixed with the Italian traditions and territory. Italy is my country and the starting point of my “middle way” (the nickname given to the area where I live, halfway between Ciociaria area and Castelli Romani area).



Journalist, graduated in political science and international relations, I worked as a reporter and editor for various newspapers in Italy and abroad. Head of press office, PR and event organizer for private companies, government institutions and other organizations (profit and no-profit), I worked as a spin doctor and political consultant. Today I am a freelance consultant in the field of photography, communications and marketing.

I’m fond of international relations, Arab culture and Middle East. I’m used to  travel since I was a child and I’ve spent short and long periods of time abroad, but my house, the one where (at the end of the day) I come back, is in the countryside where I live with my parents, my brother, and my beloved labrador Oliver.

For info, collaborations and other please contact me at veronica@glocaltaste.com

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