Arugula pesto with pine nuts, almonds and lime juice.

I'm used to think about something to eat and immediately cook it. This is because at my house is usual to cook things pretty light and easy. I like to experiment, in facts I'm fortunate to have a vegetable garden that provides me with many good things and, above all, when I eat, I eat [...]


Do you know how many species of acacia exist in the world? 1,300 ... In Italy the most common (after the mimosa) is the Robinia pseudoacacia. In this period it is in bloom everywhere, if you travel around Italy you can see these trees turned into white clouds by clouds of creamy-white flowers that fill [...]

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Once Milos Forman said "I go out of the taxi and is probably the only city that actually looks better than the postcards: New York." And it's true. New York is not as you expect it. It's much better. When you arrive in Manhattan from JFK, you'll find yourself in front of everything you imagined [...]

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Sweet Hearts, Pancakes and mixed berries

I don't like the "national" holidays. I do not mean national holidays such as Christmas and Easter, but the others... those calendar dates such as Valentine's Day or Women's Day, that consumerism has made a little kitsch and emptied of meaning. But I can not resist to celebrate Mother's Day. It's a celebration day (as [...]


My father is passionate of mushrooms. He studies mushrooms and collect them all over the year, so in our house we have always a lot of mushrooms. If someone ask me what is my favorite one, I would say with no doubt pioppini mushrooms (agrocybe aegerita). Indeed, perhaps I could thing about it for a [...]