A good selection from GlocalTaste.com. This pages are reserved to natural foods. The idea is to take into account nature and collect a list of recipes based on the heritage of the italian families. We recognize the benefit to eat wild food plants (alimurgic plants) to achieve wellness. Such kind of plants are named alimurgics when are edibles.


Mother dough, mother yeast, sourdough , natural yeast, starter. These are just some of the names by which it is called that for me, the natural leavened dough. It has become a real passion to the point that sometimes I ask to myself :"How did I live all those years with no mother dough? Without [...]


A couple of months ago at my friend's house (Loretta) I discovered Kefir. I love natural yoghurt and it was love at first spoonful. Back home I read up a bit online, and I discovered that in addition to being good to eat, it is also good for wellness. The name says it all ("Kefir" [...]

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Borage has been used by the ancient Greeks to treat a hangover, according to the Celts it gave courage to the warriors. Borage was named Euphrosinum by Plinio "because it makes the man elated, happy and satisfied" he said. The Romans considered it a miracle cure against sadness and moodiness. It was recommended also by [...]