I've already talked about the fruit cake with ricotta, not instead of the custard. The other day I had people over for dinner and I had a minor accident during the cake preparation: I had already put the cream cheese on the pastry base when it fall to the ground. For the Murphy's Law that [...]


Watermelon Italian Ice. A fresh idea to differently taste watermelon: cold watermelon, with cream, mint and chocolate chips. Ingredients Recipe: Dessert Cuisine: Italian Serving: 5 glasses 750 g watermelon chocolate chips 1 vanilla bean 2 ts agar agar 100 g sugar fresh mint fresh cream powdered sugar pistachios (optional) cinnamon (optional) Directions [...]

Sweet Hearts, Pancakes and mixed berries

I don't like the "national" holidays. I do not mean national holidays such as Christmas and Easter, but the others... those calendar dates such as Valentine's Day or Women's Day, that consumerism has made a little kitsch and emptied of meaning. But I can not resist to celebrate Mother's Day. It's a celebration day (as [...]


As the Italian tradition wants for the Easter breakfast different variations of sweet pizza are in the menu (expecially in south-central Italy). My favorite one is the tortaro. It's sweet and soft, it has a delicate scent of anise liqueur and, as its 'simlars' externally looks like a cake. The main difference is that inside you [...]

CIAMMELLA SERRONESE (an italian donut)

My mother comes from Serrone (Italy). You can imagine this little town as "the land of the free flight, of the silver olive groves, of the cesanese wine" a town of little mountain houses made of stone and wood. This is the town of warmth people and infinite kinships (such kind of kinships are narrower [...]