I've already talked about the fruit cake with ricotta, not instead of the custard. The other day I had people over for dinner and I had a minor accident during the cake preparation: I had already put the cream cheese on the pastry base when it fall to the ground. For the Murphy's Law that [...]

Don’t call it waste: the Kefir serum

Many of those who produce homemade kefir does not filter the grains, other people (including me) filter kefir to get a more dense creamy. Given that with one liter of whole milk you get a little more than 400 g of kefir, and that part of milk goes to feed our colony of granules, we [...]

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A couple of months ago at my friend's house (Loretta) I discovered Kefir. I love natural yoghurt and it was love at first spoonful. Back home I read up a bit online, and I discovered that in addition to being good to eat, it is also good for wellness. The name says it all ("Kefir" [...]

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