During winter I’m used to drink very little water and eat very few fruits. If I didn’t drink thousands of tea cups and herbal teas I could become dangerously dehydrated.

To include a bit of vitamins in my diet, for the happiness of my skin and my belly, I took the good habit of consuming fruit and vegetable smoothies. Lighter than classic smoothies and perfects for those who can not drink milk, such kind of drinks are made from fruit and/or vegetables. They are easy to make (just put the ingredients in a blender and mix them), great for snacks, quench your thirst, detoxify and are full of vitamins and minerals. How to make them? It’s very easy! Blend fruit (fresh and dried) and vegetables, according to taste. You need just to be creative. One of my favorites is made from 2-3 carrots, 1 orange, 1 apple, a few mint leaves, two stalks of celery and a piece of fresh ginger.


For a refreshing drink try putting some ice in smoothies. Finally, If you want to pamper yourself add yogurt or ice cream.

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