Pancakes made of fish with marjoram and lemon

In Trapani, to describe the goodness and freshness, I would say that in the "puppette of nunnata" (Gianhcetti pancakes) feels "u Sapuri ru mari" (the taste of sea). Such kind of fried fish cakes are one of the best recipes of the Sicilian culinary tradition, and despite the simplicity of preparation, are considered a delicious [...]

Roasted Asparagus and Eggs

I heard about it for a while and finally I have to try the recipe. Roasted asparagus with eggs. I thought that some black truffle there would fit like a glove... and I was right: the mix of flavors is real poetry for the taste buds! Ingredients Recipe: Main course Cuisine: Italian Serving: [...]

Black Bryony Omelette and Wild Asparagus

The Tamus communis is an alimurgic plant with thousand names. Black Bryony, Madonna Seal, Tamaro, Tanno, Cerasiola, Black vine, tamina grapes, viticella, etc. In France is called Herbe aux femmes battues that means 'grass for battered women', such name is due to the wraps made ​​with the grated root and applied on contusions and sprains. In my [...]

COME ON PLJESKAVICA (and the food booth)

During summer I eat almost exclusively vegetables, maybe some fish, but what I never eat are meat dishes. Instead last summer, I could not resist to the Pljeskavica. I was inside a wooden kiosk on the rocks sharp of Premantura, and I could not resist. I ate pljeskavica, a giant burger (with that amount of [...]